3 Blind Moose Cabernet Sauvignon

3 Blind Moose Cabernet Sauvignon

California (Woodbridge) $8.89 for 750 ml
(Red Wine)

Some people call me cheap, but I prefer, frugal and unpretentious. So, for me, almost 9 bucks for a 750 ml bottle of wine was on the steeper end of things. Shut up and don’t laugh at me. I’m being serious.

My personal scruples being set aside, I thought the price of 3 Blind Moose Cabernet Sauvignon still reasonable enough to be included on this website. And, its got a cool name.

So how was it?

Well, I thought it smelled very strong of alcohol with an almost peppery scent. That said, the smell was pleasant and strong.

The taste was tannin-laden with what I can only describe as a sour black currant flavor. Now, I know I keep using black currant in my descriptions for (mostly) Cabernets, but the truth is, it really does taste like black currants. To me, much more so than other berry or fruit flavors. In 3 Blind Moose’s case however, it tasted like sour black currants; as in, slightly sour or bitter or unripe.

The website’s tasting notes describe the wine as having “flavors of dark berry, plum, chocolate, clove and spice”.

I don’t think I caught many of these unless, by dark berries, they mean black currants. In that case, yes, I scored a point. And maybe I sensed some plum and spice (I did detect a peppery smell at first).

Unfortunately, I really didn’t catch a hint of chocolate or clove.

Oh well.

The tasting notes also described the wine as being “medium-bodied, soft palate”. Now, I know what a soft palate is and, on a personal level, I’m familiar with my own. But I’m not sure what is meant when a wine is said to be “soft palate”. The notes don’t say that the wine will flow gently on my soft palate. No. Instead, the notes say the wine itself is soft palate.

This perplexes me.

Do they really mean that the wine itself is a mouth with a soft, fleshy area located near the oropharynx? I’m thinking probably not.

Do they mean that the wine rolls softly on my soft palate? I hope it does. I don’t want something hard on my soft palate, that would just be confusing.

Do they mean that the wine is gentle and smooth in one’s mouth and general-palate-area? I’m thinking probably. But in that case, they should say the wine is soft on one’s palate. Not that the wine is soft palate….

Still, I’m left scratching my head, poking my palate and wondering about the meaning of it all. More on this later, but for now, I’ll say that soft palates aside, 3 Blind Moose Cab did have a nice full flavor that I enjoyed. But for the price, next time, I’ll probably save almost 2 bucks and opt for a more inexpensive wine that I like better.

wine’s website: www.3blindmoose.com

3 Responses to “3 Blind Moose Cabernet Sauvignon”

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  • OK, so I bought one for $2.99. Am I supposed to be sorry?


    At less than a buck per “Blind Moose”, we at Anti Wine Snob can think of no reason you should be sorry for your purchase. At worst, you don’t like it. But even if that is the case, at least you’ve given it a go, and you now know that it’s not the cab for you.

    I once took a cab that was not the cab for me, but that’s a different and tragic story from long ago in Ipanema…


  • Dr.Stuart J.Edwards

    I drank the 3 Blind Moose routinely on the Holland America Line & it was palatable & quite adequate & at the wine tasting which was held on board the MS Zuiderdam,it was the only wine worth drinking.
    I don’t think it was worth the price we were charged & there are a host of Australian Reds particularly from McLaren Vale,The Barossa etc. which are far better but I think this Bloke’s review was a bit beyond the Pale.
    Stuie Edwards


    Thanks for your feedback, Stuie. I think you may have missed the whole point of AWS, however. It’s supposed to be fun — both tasting and reviewing wine –, especially when the exercise in question involves moose.



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