Bolla Valpolicella

Bolla ValpolicellaBolla Valpolicella

2005 Veneto Region Italy, $6.99 for 750 ml
(Red Wine)

Near the fair city of Verona, grows a grape called Corvina. And like many other grapes in this region, it doesn’t even get credit for its wine on the label. Sigh.

In particular, the Corvina makes a red wine called Valpolicella, and while there are a number of variations on Valpolicella–such as Valpolicella Ripasso or Amarone di Valpolicella–I bought a bottle of plain old Valpolicella.

The color of this wine is a bright, cheerful red and the smell and taste pretty much echo that theme. The taste was bright, fruity and crisp and I actually could distinguish cherry–and a little raisin—flavor. The Bolla Valpolicella struck me as higher in acidity and with less of a body than a Cabernet or Shiraz. I’d probably call it a medium body, high acid/dry wine. It went really well with my pasta and red sauce and I enjoyed it with some cheddar as well.

The overall texture and flavor is not as round or smooth as other red wines due to the sharp, crispness of it. I think this is a great wine to eat with your classic spaghetti and red sauce or pizza. If you want something just to sip on its own, I might go for something a little mellower and round.

Bottom line: Good pasta-with-red-sauce-dinner kind of drink.

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  • If only we could find more interesting blogs like this. thank you for this

  • I used to drink this wine in college. I have a bottle of it now, just in case. You’re right it is medium-bodied, at best, a very straight-forward wine. I think you hit the nail on the head. It’s a great table wine for pizzas and pastas with red sauce. I look forward to reading more!

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