Camelot 2003 Merlot

Camelot Merlot WineCamelot Merlot
2003 Santa Rosa, California $7.05 for 750 ml (Red Wine)

This Merlot’s got sass. And … something that rhymes with it.

Meaning, this Merlot’s no wallflower just wanting to be casually enjoyed. Nope. This Merlot’s got a lot going on. And, it’s gonna slap your face if you don’t pay it some respect. Rightfully so.

When I first poured the Camelot Merlot and gave it the sniff test, I thought it smelled mellow and slightly sweet.

When I tasted it, those famous round, smooth, lighter-on-the-acid Merlot flavors came flowing through. But the tannins gave a nice grip to it so that an otherwise easy-going wine became a bit more attention getting. Also—and this is what I found most interesting–it had a pleasant, spicy kick that was a bit unusual. I even checked the bottle’s label to make sure it was a Merlot. I really did.

My friend who tasted this wine with me thought there were milk-chocolaty undertones to this beverage as well, but, to be honest, I didn’t quite get that. Nonetheless, to pay homage to my friend’s sacrificing an evening to taste test with me, I thought I would put those notes in there. Who knows? You might find those chocolaty flavors, too. And if you do, I envy you. After all, what’s better than combining chocolate with red wine? (No dirty thoughts allowed.)

Bottom line, I thought this was a righteous drink. I enjoyed it and would get it again.

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2 Responses to “Camelot 2003 Merlot”

  • I bought this wine to try. I have to say it was the most “GOD AWFUL” wine I have ever tasted. I would compare it to a glass of vinegar. I have never experienced tasting a “fortified” type of wine before but have heard of them and I’m curious if Muskatel or Thunderbird would compare. I would never buy this again. The company that distributes this wine should lower the price or, better yet, give it away and stop selling it.

    And as for your website…”Anti Wine Snob” couldn’t be further from the truth. Read the review above…”snifftest”, “round”, “smooth”, “mellow”… How about just giving a review that most people who drink wine can relate to. For those of you who are like me and want a wine that has a good flavor and is not terribly expensive, this one is NOT it. Try Fat Bastard Merlot or Two Vines by Columbia Crest.

    Hi T.A.,

    I’m a little confused as to why you are calling the Camelot Merlot fortified, which, if I understand the term correctly, refers to adding alcohol to the wine so that it is stronger in alcohol than the natural fermentation process would otherwise provide. I don’t believe the Camelot Merlot fits this description — I even checked it out on their website (link is at the end of my review).

    And as for my website, well, I suppose I thought it would be helpful to provide descriptors to my tasting experience that ranged beyond “tastes good”. I think “round” and “smooth” are helpful, modest — and quite accurate — adjectives. If you have better words, I’m certainly open to hearing them!


  • So…when I first opened it… Kerosene was the initial thought. Would have to agree with TA… BUT… Recork and let sit for a day and it smooths out nicely to be a very very nice inexpensive wine.not sure decanting is enough…it prob needs a day.


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