HRM Rex Goliath Giant 47 Pound Rooster Merlot

HRM Rex Goliath Giant 47 Pound Rooster Merlot¿Free Range?

HRM Rex Goliath Giant 47 Pound Rooster Merlot

Monterey County, California (no vintage) $7.55 for 750 ml
(Red Wine)

For such a long-winded and whimsical name, I expected something … interesting, I guess.

It wasn’t.

Don’t get me wrong: this wine is not bad, but, for lack of a better word, I’d call it a bit boring.

Which I don’t like to do; I usually find something interesting in almost everything. But the flavor tasted kind of bland and it really didn’t have much personality to it. It wasn’t unpleasant; in fact, I’m sure a lot of people might enjoy sipping on this while they socialize or watch a movie or something. I mean, it wouldn’t be bad for that kind of thing as the flavors would certainly not be demanding or distracting.

My general impression of this wine surprised me as it appears to have won many awards from 2003 and 2004 (no mention on their website of more recent awards). I don’t know; maybe I was having an off taste bud day or something, because the website mentions the wine’s “good seam of acidity” and a “decidedly spicy nose of cherry, cassis and cedar”…???

Maybe so, but I didn’t quit get that. In fact, this wine seemed anything but spicy to me. It seemed pretty low on the acidity, too, which is one thing I noticed immediately and thought might help perk it up a bit.

Cassis? I was completely befuddled by this description as I had no idea what it meant. Thanks to, however, I discovered that it is simply a French word for black currant. Oh. Well in that case, I did notice a general dark berry/fruit flavor so I’ll go along with this description.

And cedar? Well, I don’t know how to respond to that.

Bottom line, I just found this Merlot a bit flat. Not nasty or disgusting, but not good. It was just okay.

I’m sorry, ¿free range? rooster. At least you have a happy life….

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11 Responses to “HRM Rex Goliath Giant 47 Pound Rooster Merlot”

  • I’m not crazy abut this, but quite enjoy the Rex Goliath Cab.

  • Hi Mary,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I’ll have to give that one a try myself, and I’ll post a review here in the future.

    After all, I’m a firm supporter of free range fowl!

  • I’m not sure exactly which $60/btl wines you pour on a regular basis, but your description of this wine almost seems like you have a hidden agenda. Who do you work for any way? I’m not big into fancy words to describe fremented grapes like: cedar, acidity, or anything french for that matter; and I find the effort into this language typically befuddling, I do however found this wine an affordable contender against many “high brow” labels.


    Hi Joe Blow,

    I don’t buy $60 wines … ever. And my “agenda” is simply to enjoy affordable wine and do my best to describe the experience. But in any case, I’m glad you enjoyed the Merlot! We all have different tastes, so it certainly helps to get other peoples’ points of view.


  • Hi: I had my first taste on Rex on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean. I was given to us as a gift. I quite enjoyed it,after returning home I could not find it locally and waited till back in the states again— again I could not locate same. Lo and behold I was in Mesa Az this past month and there on the shelves at a local FRYS Store. My wife and I along with our friends bought several bottles of various Rex Vinos. We enjoyed them all, Do you think I will be able to find them in Ontario Canada???? D

  • I generally don’t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. beautiful …

  • spot on review, totally decent merlot, but nothing special, average in the best way possible, a safe purchase for a dinner party

  • Well I’m really curious now and I’ll just have to buy and taste. But my reason for not buying it — and which to my surprised wasn’t mentioned here — was the rear label, which says, “At the turn of the century, RM (His Roy Majesty) Rex Goliath was a treasured circus attraction. Weighing in at 47 lbs, Rex was killed as the “world’s Largest Rooster.” Our wines are a tribute to Rex’s larger than life personality with big, fruit-forward flavors sure to please. Our winemaker was given “Free Range” to develop the best possible red blend. Free Range Red offers jammy red fruit flabors with a smooth and easy finish.”

    If it takes you your entire label to finally say, in the last sentence, what your wine is about, you ain’t getting my buck. Ridiculous.

    • ***** Well Jim, if that’s how you feel about it, then I applaud you for your conviction.


  • I just tried the merlot last night and realy enjoyed it. Have a limited budget so usually drink Blackstone Merlot. I like both of these wines but noticed the Rex Goliath was softer and a tad sweeter. I will continue to purchase both brands but admittedly enjoyed Rex Goliath Merlot.

  • I like view your site a couple times per week for new readings. I was wondering when you’ve got any other subjects you write about?

  • I really like this merlot a lot and find it has a nice rich flavor.


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