Jakob Demmer Liebfraumilch

Jakob Demmer Liebfraumilch

Jakob Demmer Liebfraumilch,

Qualitatswein, 2004, Germany $6.50 for 750 ml (White wine)

Another tasty treat from Germany. And like the Webber Piesporter, this wine doesn’t state a varietal on its label, so I have to assume that it’s a blend of two or more grape varieties.

Whether it’s a blend of Riesling, Spaetburgunder (Pinot Noir), Gewuertztraminer, Scheurebe or other delicious white wines I’ve never heard of (and probably could never spell), all I care about is the fact that the Jakob Demmer Liebfraumilch is down right delicious. And in fact, it reminded me very much of the Webber Piesporter.

Crisp, slightly sweet, honey-ish and round flavored, this wine is very pleasing and fun to drink. It’s the kind of wine you would want around for pretty much any occasion. Plus, the name alone keeps things interesting. According to my Babel Fish translation, Liebfraumilch means “Love Woman’s Milk” or “Dear Woman’s Milk”….


I don’t really get it, but if they’re going for the whole Nectar-of-Life theme, they just might be on to something….

Bottom line, this is a good white wine for parties, get togethers, book readings, cozy chats, etc. Although German wines labeled “Liebfraumilch” are apparently considered “cheap” by many and often sneered upon, I thought this stuff was quite good for a casual, fun drink. In fact, although it’s inevitable, I would nevertheless be surprised at a person who doesn’t like it. And awfully curious.

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  • Jesse,

    My mother translates Liebfraumilch as “Sweet Mothers Milk”. I think that translates into what qualities are expected in a good wine!


    Thanks Mike!

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  • Liebfrauenmilch was developed by Catholic monks and it’s name gives reference to Mary, the mother of Jesus.

  • This is the mid way for me between all these too sweet wines, and high priced wines I’m finding I don’t really need, and dry white wines I just can’t stomach. I also like the Piesporter Michaelsburg, but the Liebfrau will do good for this years holidays


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