Marcus James Merlot

Marcus James MerlotMarcus James Merlot

2005 Mendoza Argentina. $4.25 for 750 ml
(Red Wine)

Normally, I prefer Cabernet Sauvignon to Merlot. I just like that extra bite that Cabernet offers. But in this case, I preferred the Marcus James 2005 Merlot to my earlier tasting of the Marcus James Cabernet Sauvignon 2006.

How so? Well, as my previous review mentions, the Cabernet version had an underlying acetic acid flavor that rendered the experience unpleasant. Not the case with this Merlot. It was smooth, a tiny bit tangy (in a good way) and full of round, plumy flavors. I was quite surprised to discover how much I liked it.

Bottom line? The 2005 Marcus James Merlot is a bargain. For the price, I challenge you to find a better tasting Merlot. Actually, I hope you do. And if so, I hope you tell me about it. After all, anti-wine-snobs need to stick together….

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  • This has to be one of the BEST cheap Wines I have ever tasted!! It is EXCELLENT!!

  • Adrian Kimberly

    Just tonight I directly compared and contrasted Marcus James merlot (purchased today at 3 bottles for #9.99) against Target’s house brand of BOXED merlot that costs $17.99 for the equivalent of four bottles.

    The Target brand is 13% alcohol, the Marcus James is 13.5%. Believe me, the half-percent is noticable. It causes the Marcus James to have a more acrid aroma out of its plastic-corked bottle than the Target brand “cube.” But allowing it a minute to “air out,” the Marcus James is approachable but certainly not memorable. On the same hand, neither is the Target brand, which exhibits faint character but offers a nice mouth-feel. Given a few minutes in the glass, so does the Marcus James.

    The Marcus James represents a substantial value at the sale price of 3 bottles for $9.99, and guarantees a nice buzz for those who haven’t lost track of the (sometimes unadmitted) reason for imbibing.

    When the economy improves, treat yourself to a wonderful Stag’s Leap merlot and experience one of the best wines ever bottled (which is sayin’ something!). Until then, we need to tighten our belts, eschew the unnecessarily expensive, and yet still find a way to enjoy “wine, women and song.”

    Marcus James merlot helps make that possible. Enjoy.

  • Jamie Hernandez

    I have been drinking wine for 23 years and have never commented on a wine on any website what so ever(always believed, “good wine doesn’t need to be advertised, the taste alone will cause people to flock to it.”) But of course this, to me has only applied to more expensive, well establised wines/vineyards. Need I say, i was taken aback by this quality of Marcus James Wines– I have tried their Cabernet from Spain and Argentina–their Malbec from a Argentina–and finally their Merlot from Spain. When I came to the conclusion that this is a $20 dollar bottle of wine for $7.99 and lower I understood and accepted the fact that there was no way I could let my thoughts on this go untold.Need I say anymore?


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