Liberty Creek Cabernet Sauvignon

Liberty Creek Cabernet SauvignonLiberty Creek Cabernet Sauvignon
(no vintage) California $8.00 for 1.5 L
(Red Wine)

I’ve tried to think of something great to say about Liberty Creek’s Cabernet Sauvignon.But, I just can’t.

It’s not horrible; it’s just not that good.For a Cabernet, this wine is missing some umph.

It’s higher in acidity than a lot of Cabernet and rather thin-bodied.It tastes like the wine has been watered down a bit, and the tannins left a lot to be desired as well.In fact, I had trouble locating them.

The overall flavor of this Cabernet was a bit one-dimensional and I was left feeling like someone forgot to put half of the wine’s flavor into the bottle.Does that make sense?

Bottom line, Liberty Creek Cabernet Sauvignon is not a repulsive wine and for the price, some might want to at least give it a try. But, if you are desiring a layered and full-flavored experience, don’t take a dip in Liberty Creek.

Website: Update: At the time this review was written, no website could be found.  A reader has since informed me that one now exists.  It is

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    No, go ahead! So sorry this is just now being responded to.

  • That sounds like a pretty snobby review for an anti-wine-snob website. It’s not a great wine, but it’s very drinkable, very fruity and smooth, and much better than the big box wine cabernets. I don’t know much about tannins, but I found it very pleasant. What do you expect for $7 for a 1.5 liter bottle? I found it just great for washing down a big plate of black beans and rice and spicy spanish sausage :) Do you really want to drink a $20 bottle of wine with a meal that cost $3.00?

    You know, Jim, you are right! Thanks for keeping things in perspective.

  • I actually can get this in the big bottle size for $5.99 at my Kroger. Not sure if it’s a special or what, but I agree, it’s not repulsive and for the price it is ok by me.

  • Well here’s the website. But I do agree that Liberty Creek leaves something to be desired. I’d prefer a few more dollars for a more exciting wine like Woodbridge or Yellowtail.

  • I like this wine….I can pour myself a glass of this by itself or have it with a meal. Maybe a pot of beans or a steak, I think it is a good wine and for the price why bitch?

    • I came to this web page to comment on the exceptional flavor I found in Liberty Creek’s Cabernet Sauvignon. Then I found these bad reviews! Let me explain something to you dry wine charlots. Many more people like a sweet wine over a dry wine. I’ve watched the sweet wines disappear off the shelves so fast at Walmart and Safeway for at least 5 years. I think the Cabernet Sauvignon of Liberty Creek is perfect, better than any dry strongly flavored red wine that you tasteless asses crave. Go back to scraping your tongue.

  • I just bought a 1.5L of this wine. I agree with the first post. This wine is drinkable, but it does not feel like a Cabernet. I’ll drink the whole thing for sure. By the way, I’m not a wine snob at all. I have only been drinking wine for a little over a year and still have a lot to learn. But anyway, cheers!!!

  • Where can I locate further information about this please? This has made my day. Good stuff


  • OK… If you’re comparing this wine to a wines costing 30.00.
    GOOD LUCK!!!
    I drink a lot of red wines (daily)and If I had to pay big prices for premium wines I’d go broke .I can buy LC usually for under 6.00 (1.5) and sincerely believe it to be the best wine deal out there.
    I think Its just a matter of personal taste and value.

  • I’m no wine expert, butI know what I like. For $5 at Sprouts, this wine cant be beat (1.5L). I’ve tried dozens of wine and many quite pricey. For the taste and value this is by far the best I’ve found. Rather than take the bad reviews to heart, go buy just one bottle and form your own opinion. If you find a better wine for the price, I would love to know about it.

  • I agree with Dave. the 1.5 LC is cheap, I get a nice buzz off a half bottle and don’t feel stupid or bloated. I enjoy the lite flavor and after-taste is pleasant. When I want real wine I cough up more $ per bottle. LC is okay with me for sippin’ and adds to a frugal or un-frugal supper. Plus, like Dave, if ya’ll know of a better wine for the price, do tell.


  • Don’t know what all the fuss is about. Price has absolutely nothing to do with how the wine feels on your tongue and ultimately stomach. I make wine, mostly from domestic fruits; apples, pears, berries, grapes. I’ve never made a cabernet but if ever I reach that level of mastery, I’d want it to taste like Liberty Creek. It has a cabernet character with a hint of sweetness without being sweet. True, it’s not a full bodied cabernet but what the hell, it still tastes good!!

  • I love this wine. I don’t care what the price is. It goes done smooth and has no after taste whatsoever.

  • I tried LC Cabernet for the first time this summer at a bar, and was thinking that $4.25 a glass…the wine’s going to taste like crap. I was way wrong…I liked it from the first sip. True it’s not a shiraz, merlot, or malbec (which are my favorite reds) BUT this was phenomonal good for being the “house wine” of the bar. Then I found out that a 1.5L is $7.00 at my local store…You cannot go wrong with it. I am not a wine connoisseur by any means, I just know what I like…and I REALLY LIKE THIS WINE! I think it’s perfect for dinners when it’s just family or bringing it to a dinner with friends.

  • I can tell you for sure, I agree with Dave. Tried LC for the first time at a Thanksgiving dinner. I was so impressed by the taste and lack of after taste, that I asked for the brand and cost. then I was relly floored. $6.00 at Kroger. I loved it and I can afford to have more.

  • Great wine for under $6 at Walmart. Pay less and live better. Alcohol 12% it’s a steal.

  • A good wine at an excellent value, disagree with all the other wine snob analysis except for the guy that compares it to the box! Big G

  • I had this at a cookout a couple of weeks ago and loved the flavor and had almost a bottle to myself and did not get heartburn or a headache. My girlfriend said it was her new favorite wine. When I went to buy a bottle next time I went to my wine store I was floored by price! Gold!!! What a joy to find a wine that doesn’t make me hurt anywhere for a price that doesn’t require a third mortgage. My local store though says he won’t carry that “cheap stuff”. Oh well, his loss. I’ll continue to get it elswhere!

  • I have had many expensive wines that were not very good. I think this falls in with two buck chuck, only better. When I first sipped this I was amazed at the smoothness of this inexpensive Cab. I’ve heard that many Napa wineries will sell their grapes to a third party that produces a great wine for a fair price.

  • it seems that wine is not worth a sip. But nevertheless, you have awaken my curiosity. I might try this wine and see for myself. :)

  • I was just served this wine at a restaurant in Vegas as their house wine. When I asked what the house red was, the server only knew the name but not the varietal. She told me she gets compliments all the time about it. So I thought I would give it a try. The first taste was actually very pleasant but a bit light for my taste. I’m definitely a ‘cab’ guy. So I had a few bites of my rib eye steak and another drink of my wine. Again, very pleasant, almost sweet, but I couldn’t place what type of grape. I kept thinking somewhere between a pinot and a merlot. So after a few more swigs, I asked our server if she wouldn’t mind bringing me the bottle so I could satisfy my curiosity and perhaps find a new budget friendly wine. Imagine my surprise when she showed me the bottle and it was a cabernet… Now I’m not saying this made it any better or worse, it just caught me by surprise. Keep in mind, contrary to what the label on the bottle says, this does not drink like a cab at all. Nevertheless it has a very pleasant taste with virtually no ‘heaviness’ to it at all. This would go well with seafood and light cheeses, which is great for me because I just have a hard time finding a white wine that I can enjoy consistently. This might be my new wine for my white wine dishes… Now I’m on the hunt for a retail location close by to get a few bottles!

    • Glad you liked it, Shawn. I wonder if perhaps the bottling has changed since I first reviewed it a few years ago? Perhaps I should give it another go when I come across it next!


  • Michael Edwards

    Jim, You are absolutely correct in your assessment of the Liberty Creek Cab. Doesn’t really taste like a Cab to me either but I still enjoy it with a plate of Prawns Diablo. I think for the $5.99 I pay for a 1.75 Litre Bottle, it makes a pretty fair value. I should point out that the label is cleverly designed to look like a more expensive wine so I don’t mind serving it to my friends who have no taste discrimination anyway.

  • i like the wine. it lacks the bitter taste of most wines aftertaste. no wine expert at all, but certainly enjoy it. sounds like i overpaid for it at $6 for 1.5 L from walmart. my only intention of drinking it was to get drunk and buy alcohol in quantity. mission was accomplished with this wine. have yet to throw up from drinking it. 1 and a half bottles and I am good to go. stay away from liberty creeks sweet wine. wholly crap that shit tastes aweful. still gets you drunk though.

  • I like this wine because it does not remind of a wine and it is a bit more fruity than some. I will be honest I only drink homemade wines because I like a sweeter taste I am just one of those people who think if it smells like candy it better taste like candy. At any rate I decided to make a brazed short rib recipe that required a red and I did not want to invest a whole lot into it. The recipe came out wonderfully and I actually found the wine to be something I could drink. I also got the 1.5 L for 5.99.

  • Unlike a lot of other cheap reds, this one actually changes quite a bit if you let it breathe, and I think becomes quite good. May not be a typical cab, but who cares. Don’t believe me, pour a glass and let it sit twenty minutes then pour another and compare. (with a bottle vac of course)

  • This summer I discovered the LC brand. Today I bought the Cab and find it to be a decent wine. In my area it is sold for $8.99 a bottle. I wish I lived near a Kroger’s to get it cheaper. I agree it is on the thinner side of a Cab but I do like that there is no after taste. I can have of glasses of this wine with no headaches. I tried three of the varieties so far and like their White Zinfandel better than Sutter Home. Anyway, you cannot go wrong buying LC if you have a party. You will save money and your friends will think you stumbled across a good thing.

  • This is the second time I’ve bought Liberty Creek Chardonnay and it’s definitely watered down. The first time was at Publix I returned it and told them it was watered down. The second time was at Family Dollar and this time it is definitely watered down. Chardonnay is my wine and I know what it taste like and this is not it!! I won’t be buying Liberty Creek wine again and I also will spread the word.

  • I had it last night at an art gallery… Enjoyed it so much, bought myself a bottle and drinking it now!

  • Eugene Estate Sales

    This is a pretty decent wine for the price of $6.99 … I usually drink a cab from Barefoot, this has a distinct aftertaste that I’m not terribly thrilled with, but it does the trick for being cheap..

  • We love Liberty Creek wines for everyday meals. As everyone says it is very “drinkable” and the Cab, Merlot and Chardonay are in our pantry for most meals and cooking. The price makes it a no-brainer and, yes it’s watered down “light” touch isn’t a problem for everything except the heaviest meals. I recommend all the varietial Liberty Creek wines for your pleasure.

  • Glad I ran across this blog. I ordered a glass of Cab at dinner several nights ago and totally enjoyed the exceptional lightness and smoothness with a wonderful piece of prime rib. I forgot to ask our waitress what it was, so I call the restaurant tonight and they told me it was Liberty Creek. I then googled Liberty Creek and found these comments. I think this is the wine I’ve been looking for but thought it didn’t exist! If my bottle taste as good as my first glass, I’m a fan forever! If you haven’t tried it, do. Don’t see how you can beat it for the money.

  • I would totally agree with this review! It’s sweet for a cab. But not to the point where I wouldn’t drink it (I really dislike sweet red wine) it does taste and even LOOK watered down!!! The pigment is actually see-through! But overall not terrible! 3 stars. Would be great for a wine rookie since the flavor is very mild. I am enjoying it though! Just now having my first glass.

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