Barefoot Zinfandel

Barefoot ZinfandelBarefoot Zinfandel

(no vintage) California $5.50 for 750 ml

(Red Wine)

I have been a singer of praises for the Barefoot Cellars line of varietal wines. They’re inexpensive and reliably good. And when I discovered that they also have a Zinfandel, I was even more pleased. It’s pretty hard to find a good, inexpensive (as in, under $10.00) Zinfandel.

I pranced home with my newly acquired Zin and prepared for an inexpensive and tasty wine review. Worried that my Barefoot reviews were beginning to sound redundant, I paused before pouring a sample to consider how else I could review this varietal without readers suspecting I was being paid off or something…

One sniff put my worries to rest. The aroma had a bit of a sickeningly sweet smell that was not pleasing. A sip confirmed this aroma and while the Barefoot Zinfandel also had a pleasant spicy cherry and black tea flavor, the sickeningly sweet taste really ruined the wine’s potential.

I tried this wine again the next day and found that the unpleasant sensation had wafted off a bit. In it’s place, the deeper, spicier flavors that make Zinfandel so yummy were displayed. Still, it’s a bit rude to make a gal wait for so long, don’t you think?

Bottom line? The Zinfandel isn’t one of Barefoot Cellar’s finest varietals, but worth a try. I recommend letting the bottle breathe for a while before sipping.

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6 Responses to “Barefoot Zinfandel”

  • Just tried the Barefoot Zin (on sale at Publix last wk for $5 yowza) and didn’t experience any of the nastiness to which you referred. Not bad especially for the price though not nearly as full bodied as some slightly more expensive Zin’s in the $10 range. A very good deal imho.

  • Really? Have you tried it since? The Zin is my favorite of the Barefoot wines with the newer Pinot Noir coming in a close second. I’m going to remember this the next time I have some. I wonder if it will affect my experience. I never thought of it as sweet. Very interesting to get other’s opinions.



    Hi Rachele,

    Thanks for your feedback! No, I have not tried the Barefoot Zin since then. I could have just had an off bottle, who knows! Maybe I’ll give it another shot. Also, just to clarify, it was not “sweet” like a moscato or some reislings or many other wines are “sweet.” Rather, it had a more unpleasant sweetness to it, akin to acetic acid.


  • I just tried the Barefoot Zinfandel last night and the only factor that made me drink it was my incorrigible cheapness. Red Zinfandel is not supposed to be cloyingly sweet and this stuff was disgusting. Almost as bad as their Moscato, but at least that is supposed to be sweet. I won’t be trying any of the other Barefoot wines.

  • Though the Barefoot is the only Zinfandel I have ever tried, I really enjoyed it. Very nice flavor to introduce me to the style. Considering I can sometimes get it for $4.75 a bottle, it is an amazing deal.

  • Tried my first red Zin last night and it was Barefoot. I could taste the initial fruit, and it was smooth and dry, almost flat. Then the finish was suddenly very spicy. It almost burned, and it lingered a little too long, in my opinion. Mabe I got a bad bottle?

  • I have to say i must of got a very bad bottle very nasty taste and smell very cloudy too


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