Black Swan Shiraz

Black Swan ShirazBlack Swan Shiraz

2006, SE Australia, $8.00 for 1.5L

(Red Wine)

Amazing! For the price, I was so very happy with the Black Swan Shiraz.

I had read a review in the past that eschewed inexpensive wines as nothing but plonk and used inexpensive Australian versions-particularly naming Black Swan wines-as an example of cheap cost=cheap quality wine. So, maybe I entered into this tasting with lowered expectations. Or, maybe, my Black Swan was just trying to prove a point….

According to my research, the term “Black Swan” is a saying used back more commonly in the day when folks in Western Europe sipped their afternoon tea with curled pinkies. Apparently, it was (and still is) an expression employed when one meant to state that something was impossible or did not exist. As in, “a unicorn is nothing but a black swan.”

Well, leave it to the Australians to actually discover a species of black swan in the 17th century! In fact, black swans in Australia are a pretty common form of fowl. Kind of turns around the meaning behind the metaphor a bit, doesn’t it?

It makes me wonder about unicorns, too….

With such an independent spirit behind the name, it should come as no surprise that my Black Swan Shiraz defied expectations.

Was it inexpensive? Yes, very.

Was it poor quality? Not at all.

The Black Swan Shiraz isn’t necessarily a layered and complex wine, but it is definitely a berry filled, slurpy drink that is friendly and very easy to enjoy. Less caustic on the tannins and acidity, it still has a nice, easy going balance filled with juicy, almost strawberry-like flavors. It’s a pleasant sipper for an evening book reading, or as an accompaniment to dinner.

Bottom line? Good bargain and recommended if you want an easygoing red wine filled with lots of berry flavor. At least for this inexpensive and delicious Shiraz, harmony of economy and quality is not an impossibility.  It’s just a Black Swan.

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4 Responses to “Black Swan Shiraz”

  • Oh my! Wonderful wine. We are drinking the 2007 – it is October 2009. Wonderful aroma, superb taste, excellent for cooking. Found the 1.5 litre with an instant $3 coupon – paid $7.99. A steal!

  • Just tried my first bottle of Black Swan Shiraz. After the first taste I wondered if the bottle had been mis-priced. For $9.00 US, this wine is a steal! I will definitely be purchasing more!

  • A delicious wine for the price! I just picked this up today, choosing an inexpensive Shiraz to make a beef stew (and of course, for us to drink the rest of it). It made a wonderful stew (with black pepper and black olives, which was a great complement to the wine), but more importantly it was a delicious berry-filled accompagniment to dinner as well.


  • A friend and I just shared a bottle of 2002 and it was outstanding (Nov. 2010).


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