HRM Rex Goliath Giant 47 Pound Rooster Merlot

HRM Rex Goliath Giant 47 Pound Rooster  Merlot

(no vintage) California ($7.00 for 750 ml)

(Red Wine)

I feel bad doing this.  Honestly, I do.  Poor HRM Rex Goliath Giant 47 Pound Rooster didn’t get the best review by antiwinesnob on its Cabernet Sauvignon, and I had great hopes of remedying this when I got around to trying the Merlot. 

Well, I have to say, out of the two HRMRGG47PR’s I’ve tried thus far, I’ve got to give the blue ribbon to the Cab.  Even though I didn’t think it was all that great. 


I’ve tried to come up with an alternative description than my initial exclamation when first sipping this varietal, but to tell you the truth, I just can’t.  It actually smelled — and tasted — a bit like a chicken coup.  Truly.  I thought my nose had been hijacked by the power of suggestion, so I started sniffing other aromas just to make sure and clear away any possible subliminal influence, but when I tried the Merlot again, that aroma and taste came back loud and clear.  Chicken coupy. That’s the best way I can describe it.

It also had a bit of a peppery flavor, but nothing to really be redeemed by.  The remaining taste was a bit dull, flat, chicken-coupy and slightly rotten.  In short, not that great.  Maybe it was a bad bottling ….

Bottom line?  Sometimes, Giant 47 Pound Roosters are just plain fowl. 

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