Alice White Red Lexia

Alice White Red LexiaAlice White Red Lexia
SE Australia, 2008, $6.00 for 750ml, 10% Alc.
Blush/Rose Wine (Muscat)

I’m on a roll with Muscat wine!  I discovered this particular treat while taking a little beach vacation on the Alabama Gulf Coast, and I have to say, it is the perfect quaff for a windy, sunny afternoon. 

I had originally thought that “Lexia” was a variety of Vitis vinifera, much like Zinfandel or Chardonnay, but upon researching further, discovered that Lexia (which comes in both white and red varietals) is actually make from the Muscat (see AWS’ review on Beringer Moscato for more info on this tasty grape).

Much like White Zinfandel or White Shiraz varietals, Alice White’s Red Lexia is crisp, pleasantly sweet (although not as much so as the white muscat varietals I’ve tasted) and just tart enough to keep things interesting.  Although I don’t know enough about this wine to speak with authority, I am guessing from the bright, transparent red hue and lack of tannins that the Red Lexia is made much like a White Zin or White Shiraz as well — that is to say, that the juice from the red skins is separated in the early stages of vatting, leaving a pleasant rose color but retaining the crisp, freshness of the juice without the heavier tannins and flavor that the skin itself bring. 

 Bottom line:  If you’re in the mood for a chilled, summery wine of medium sweetness, I’d definitely give Alice White’s Red Lexia a try.

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3 Responses to “Alice White Red Lexia”

  • Why can I not find Red Lexia (Alice White) anymore. My grocery stores have replaced it with Muscota. It is toooooooo sweet. How do I find Red Lexia at the old price.

  • shelia wiggins

    I would like to find Alice white red Alexis without the moscoto

  • I was told by the supplier that they no longer are pushing Alice White. They prefer to market Yellow tail and Lindemans instead. Boo.


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