David Stone Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon

David Stone Vineyards Cabernet SauvignonDavid Stone Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon
Modesto, California, $5.50 for 750ml, 12% Alc.
Red Wine

I would have never have guessed that this is a Cabernet Sauvignon.  Ever.  After trying it and then re-trying it, I checked the label just to make sure that I was not seeing things.  Nope.  It most definitely identified itself as a Cab.  How curious….

David Stone’s Cabernet Sauvignon is not what one might expect out of a Cabernet Sauvignon.  For starters, it is slightly sweet — not like a dessert wine, but rather like some Spanish or German reds I’ve tasted before.  Secondly, it is very low in tannins, which is really one of the more defining characteristics of most Cabernet Sauvignon I’ve ever had in the past.  Thirdly, to me at least, it simply does not taste like a Cabernet Sauvignon — it is just too mild, too sweet and, for lack of a better descriptor, too round.

In fact, the alcohol content and modest level of acidity (very modest, mind you) are the only things holding it together, convincing me that I have not just ingested some strange concoction of plain ol’ grape juice.  Not that I found it unpleasant; rather, just unexpected and slightly baffling.

Bottom line: If you are in the mood for a Cabernet Sauvignon, then you will probably be disappointed by David Stone Vineyard’s Cabernet Sauvignon.  If you simply like to try new wine and are looking for something affordable, mild and red, then you might have stumbled onto a bargain!

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  • I bought it at Walgreens. I love it! I would like a case a month delivered to my doorstep.

    It’s a new genre’…screw the snoots. It’s simple and tasty.


  • please advise if your wine is listed and sold in Ontario Canada.


    Hi Gary,

    Anti Wine Snob does not sell wine. It only reviews it. Are there any readers here who can tell Gary where this may be found in Ontario?


  • Please let me know where to find additional info on your Shiriz collection. I think that your wines are wonderful. So very, inexpensive, yet so smooth and the shiraz is wonderful with Italian foods, cheeses and much, much more. Most people that I have turned on to your wines cannot believe that I purchase them from Walgreens…..
    How fun is that?????
    Thanks and keep up the good work. I will keep purchasing….

  • The David Stone Label is exclusive to Walgreens. It is bottle by Gallo. It is a very good value. I really enjoyed the Syrah.

  • what states can I buy this wine. Son far I have only found it in
    Florid. Great Taste


    Hi Karen,

    I believe I found the David Stone while visiting in Missouri. I’m not sure where else it may be for sale.


  • Found at Walgreens and have tried the Merlot, Cab, Chard and Shiraz and all have been as good as higher priced wines I have tried. I was extremely surprised at how good they really were considering the low cost! Yea Rah David Stone!

  • I’m David Stone. No, not that David Stone. I bought it for the obvious reason and was quite pleased. I don’t loan my name to just any product!!!

  • I mostly agree with the review. Not a typical cab, however, it’s somewhat typical for the really cheap (under $7) cabs out there in it’s fairly generic red wine muted flavor/aroma. There’s blackberry, and a faint hint of green olive, and an even fainter hint of clove/anise spiciness that makes it seem more like a syrah than a cab. The bottle says “finishing with an elegant touch of vanilla” but they must have left that out of the bottle I got.

    The bottle also says it’s full-bodied, but I find it very light.

    It’s pleasant enough though for a cheap wine, completely inoffensive, and very smooth (that’s thanks to the low tannin, I guess). At 2 for $10 from Walgreens, it’s priced what it’s worth.

  • I LOVE IT! I found it at Walgreens as well and I am trying to find how to buy it. It was the best Cab I’ve ever tasted. I like a “round”, buttery, smooth cab and the David Stone Cab was the first I found, for such a great price, that fit my standards. David Stone, if you’re out there, please send me a year’s supply 🙂

  • Agree with review. Tastes like grape juice and i could tell from the pour, even before i tasted it. lighter in color, more like pinot and no tannins. i love big wines. this one is hard to even put in the wine category…heading back out to buy another…ugh.

  • Where can you find David Stone wines in Colorado?? We were in Arizona and bought at Walgreens. The Merlot was great.

  • I too love the Syrash and is great wine

  • Ok, so it’s just not me who is disappointed. I thought I would look up opinions on the David Stone Cabernet before I presented the wine to my friends since I usually buy more expensive wine. I couldn’t resist the price offer: out of curiosity I bought two bottles. The Cab and the Chardonnay both are watery and thin in taste. I would rather spend my usual three times the price and enjoy a better tasting wine.

  • Something’s happening here…My friends and I have just stumbled onto David Stone wine. We each have different tastes but are willing to get together to try new and different wines. We were all so impressed that we got together for a tasting of each of the David Stone selections. We have not had a bad one yet! I’m impressed!

  • This is a great wine and a great value. My wife recently found it at our local Walgreens and we buy a few bottles a week it is great.

  • Love these wines. Brought back 24 bottles from Florida to Canada, and even with the duties paid at the border, feel it is good value.

  • I love this wine! I recently tried a bottle because it was on sale and went back for another. My friends loved it, too. I will continue to buy it.

  • I LOVE the Cabernet…but I was wondering what the alcohol content of the wine is. For some reason I have never seen it on the label anywhere. I can drink a few glasses and almost can’t even tell there is alcohol in it. Does anyone know?

  • I must say that David Stone is probably one of the best “cheap” wines I’ve ever tasted. Most bottles at this price level I find offensive and undrinkable. Not David Stone though. While the Cab is light, it’s a very tasty little wine and perfect for a non-special occasion weekday dinner! I’ve also had the Pinot Noir which I am equally a fan of. IMO, you cant’t get a better wine at 2/$10.

  • hey this david stone is great found it at walgreens as others have exclusive? been looking for more chardonnay sold out every time they can’t seem to keep it on the shelf going to for sure try the others prices have been higher than 2 for ten but they have sales @ 5.99 usually 7.99 orlando fl thanks it’s really smooth, flavorful, rich enough and is a pleasure to many of my friends and family

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