Matua Valley Hawke’s Bay Merlot-Cabernet

Matua Valley Hawke’s Bay Merlot-Cabernet

Hawke’s Bay Region, New Zealand, 2010,  *$13.00 for 750 ml, 13.5% Alc.

Red Wine


It has been a while, I know!  This is partly due to the fact that my husband and I have been working in a rather remote, undeveloped country in the South Pacific where wine is anything but cheap!  So, I’m forced to break my ten-dollar-rule, hence the asterisk above.  The other note on the price is that, although the local cost translates to approximately thirteen USD, I imagine a bottle might cost slightly less elsewhere on the globe.

So, how was it?  I enjoyed this Merlot-Cab blend quite a bit.  I wouldn’t say it is vastly superior to less expensive wines (Lindemans comes immediately to mind) but it is still a good deal.   I also found the blend of  varietals nicely balanced.  I’ve no idea what percentage of each goes into a vat, but it had just enough tannin to keep a grip on the smooth, easy Merlot flavor.  None of this satisfied me in the wine-notes department, however.  I wanted something interested and fun to say!  Alas, my muse failed me.  The label describes the wine as showing “blends of ripe plum and berry fruits with a well balance, generous palate.”   That’s a bit generic, but true enough, I suppose.   It is also a fact that this blend goes excellently with shrimp pesto pizza,  if anyone is interested.

Bottom line:  This is a solid choice bound to please most red-wine drinkers who actually judge a drink on its merits and not on fancy prices.

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  • Could you please tell me where I can Buy Matua Valley merlot in Geelong Vic.

    Thank you


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