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Matties Perch White Shiraz

Matties Perch White ShirazMatties Perch White Shiraz

No Vintage, SE Austraila, $5.50 for 750ml

Blush Wine

Lately,  I’ve noticed that a lot of companies are putting out new varietal versions of the White Zinfandel that has been so loved since the 1970’s.  Wine stores now offer all kinds of interesting permutations like White Merlot or White Shiraz.   Makes sense I suppose since Merlot and Shiraz are both abundantly-grown grapes that may have more product than the red wine market knows what to do with.  (In case you are new to drinking blush wines, varietals such as White Zin, White Merlot or White Shiraz are all made with the red grape of its namesake.  The juice of the red grape is bled off with the skins still on.  This allows the juice to absorb some of the red pigmentation and a bit of the flavor from the skin before being vatted separately.)

I decided to give Matties Perch White Shiraz a whirl.  I like the rich, thick flavor of Shiraz and was interested in finding out how much of that richness might carry over to its blush counterpart. 

Well, I have to say that the flavor left me feeling a little flat.  It was rather bland and uninteresting.  Almost like water.  It didn’t have the sweet zingyness that most White Zinfandels contain and lacked a tartness found in many white wines.   

I’ll say it is refreshing to sip on a hot day, but otherwise, I found the flavor to be too mild.  Not unpleasant, just not very interesting.

But, if you are throwing a pool party or a beach party or something equally active and outdoorsy, this might not be a bad wine to have in your ice chest.  It won’t cost you an arm and a leg and  the mildness of this quaff might be just what your guests are after.

Bottom line?  Pass it up if you are after an interesting blush to sip on.  But, if you are looking for a refreshing, cold light wine to bring to a summer party, it’s worth a try.

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