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Tittarelli Malbec

Tittarelli MalbecTittarelli Malbec
2005, Mendoza, Argentina, $14.00 for 750 ml, 13.5% Alc.
Red Wine

I was lured into breaking my less-than-ten-bucks-a-bottle rule upon spotting this wine at the store.  Malbec?  I’d never tried that one before.  I eschewed my budget-minded ideals and handed over the cash for a taste of this elusive varietal.

The first thing (and probably the only thing) that impressed me about this particular bottle was the color.  Upon pouring it, I was struck by its unusual darkness.  It was truly a black-red tint and darker than any other wine I’ve seen.  This might have raised my expectations some for an equally unique flavor, but alas, my expectations were unrequited.  Instead, I was assailed by the sickly-sweet taste of what was probably ascetic acid.  It was so overwhelming, I really just could not enjoy it.  It tasted like nail polish remover and vinegar with a nice dose of tannins mixed in.

I visited the website and noticed that Tittarelli has won lots of high reviews on its Malbec.  However, none of the reviews posted were for the 2005 vintage that I tried.

Moral of the story is, sometimes a few extra bucks do not buy a better product.

Bottom Line:  While I’m not ready to give up on Malbec — and I might even grant Tittarelli another chance at some point in the future — I don’t think I’ll be trying this 2005 bottling again.

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