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Camelot 2003 Merlot

Camelot Merlot WineCamelot Merlot
2003 Santa Rosa, California $7.05 for 750 ml (Red Wine)

This Merlot’s got sass. And … something that rhymes with it.

Meaning, this Merlot’s no wallflower just wanting to be casually enjoyed. Nope. This Merlot’s got a lot going on. And, it’s gonna slap your face if you don’t pay it some respect. Rightfully so.

When I first poured the Camelot Merlot and gave it the sniff test, I thought it smelled mellow and slightly sweet.

When I tasted it, those famous round, smooth, lighter-on-the-acid Merlot flavors came flowing through. But the tannins gave a nice grip to it so that an otherwise easy-going wine became a bit more attention getting. Also—and this is what I found most interesting–it had a pleasant, spicy kick that was a bit unusual. I even checked the bottle’s label to make sure it was a Merlot. I really did.

My friend who tasted this wine with me thought there were milk-chocolaty undertones to this beverage as well, but, to be honest, I didn’t quite get that. Nonetheless, to pay homage to my friend’s sacrificing an evening to taste test with me, I thought I would put those notes in there. Who knows? You might find those chocolaty flavors, too. And if you do, I envy you. After all, what’s better than combining chocolate with red wine? (No dirty thoughts allowed.)

Bottom line, I thought this was a righteous drink. I enjoyed it and would get it again.

wine’s website: www.camelotwines.com

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