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Fat Croc Shiraz

fat croc shirazFat Croc Shiraz
South Eastern Australia, 2004, $6.15 for 750 ml

(Red Wine)

What more can I say? You’ve got a satiated, prehistoric reptilian creature on a bottle of wine.

Well, I might be able to push myself into verboseness.

The Fat Croc Shiraz from South Eastern Australia has got an impressive deep, red-purple color. With all that hue and a thicker viscosity going on, I was surprised to find that the smell was not that striking or singular. In fact, it smelled pretty mild and without much zing.

I took a sip and at first, it seemed juicy—like grape juice—and without much structure. My second and third sips, however, gave me more bang for the buck. I noticed a zingy-ness that kept the juicy flavors from falling flat and just enough tannin in it to give the wine some grip, but not so much as to make it imposing.

Overall, I’d describe this wine as juicy, smooth and pretty good. In fact, it might be too smooth: you might forget you’re drinking wine (it’s got 14 percent alcohol). So be careful—that croc’s fat for a reason!

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