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Thorny Rose

Thorny RoseThorny Rose — Red Blend

Thorny Rose Wines, Columbia Valley

Washington USA,    2009

$5.99 for 750 ml (on sale), 13.5% Alc.


I discovered this wine on a sale rack at the local drugstore, discounted from the original $11.99 price.   A deal like that is hard to pass up!

And when I poured a glass of Thorny Rose Red Blend, I was glad I took a chance on it.  Everything about this wine is appealing.  The color is rich, much like a Cabernet or Merlot, and the aroma confirms a likely blend of the aforementioned two.   The taste is lovely, with the rich, round, silkiness that Merlot offers and just the right amount of grip from a Cabernet Sauvignon.   Although I think the Thorny Rose Red Blend description on its website is rather overboard (Sassafras?  Really?)  I do appreciate the fun attitude and unpretentious marketing.   This wine definitely has enough depth to enjoy entirely on its own, but it would also provide a great accompaniment to dinner.  And best of all, your guests will think you’ve uncorked (well, in this case, unscrewed) something special!

Definitely recommended.

Wine’s Website: www.thornyrosewines.com




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