What Color Grapes Make Red, White or Blush Wines?

What Color Grapes Make Red, White or Blush Wines?

What grapes make red, white or blush wines? The answer may not be what you expect.

Red Wine, Red Grapes

Yes, red, purple/black grapes make red wine. As we discussed in the Tannins v Acidity article, the skin from red, purple or black grapes is what gives the wine its red color, along with its tannins.

White Wine, White Grapes…Usually

So, in that case, do white grapes make white wine? Well, yes, grapes with paler shades such as yellow, green or even light pink hues make white wine (these are the grapes that we refer to as “white”). But so can red, purple or black grapes. How so? Well, unlike red wine, where the red hue is dependant upon the grape skin, white wines are not made with the grape skin. Instead, the juice of the grape is gently pressed out of the grape and the skins and seeds are left behind. While the normal practice in making white wine is to use “white” grapes, there are occasions when a red/purple/black grape is used.

Pink, Blush or Rose´ Wine, Pink Grapes?

Got ya! Pink wine, which is usually called blush or rose´, can be made two different ways. One method utilizes the juice from red grapes with just a bit of the grape skin’s pigment bled into it. This is how White Zinfandel is made: it’s actually created from the same grape as red Zinfandel!

The second method in making blush wines is to add just a dash of red wine to white wine. Voila! La Vin Rose´ ! Might be a fun dinner party trick.

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